Level 1 Roll-out Plan Total Tools: 1

This roll-out plan is your guide to rolling out Level 1 of the Employee Cybersecurity Kit. It showcases an overview of the recommended roll-out sequence, mapped against the projected 6-week duration and the first three stages of behavioural change that it will take your employees through. This level is easy to execute and should not take more than 4 hours to roll out over 6 weeks.

​Employee Cybersecurity Kit
Level 1 Roll-out Plan


Management Buy-in Deck Total Tools: 1

Need some help to convince your peers and seniors that rolling out the Employee Cybersecurity Kit is a  good move? This easy-to-follow presentation will help you establish the importance of employee education on cybersecurity, demonstrate how cybersecurity breaches can adversely impact your company's bottom line, and showcase the benefits of using the Kit. With the added guide, you will need less than two hours to adapt the presentation for your company. Good luck!

Management Buy-In Deck

Announcement eDM Total Tools: 2

This is an electronic direct mailer designed to introduce the company’s renewed focus on cybersecurity, its importance to the company and the vital role each individual staff plays in protecting the company.

Available for your use are two letters, along with editable templates.

Version One is for companies to announce their commitment to cybersecurity by joining other private and public sector organisations to go safe online.

Version Two is for companies which prefer to renew and reinforce their existing cybersecurity efforts.

Version One
​Version Two

Weekly eDMs Total Tools: 4

This is a set of four weekly ready-for-dissemination eDMs, to be sent out after the announcement eDM has been shared with employees. These are meant to interest the employees on cybersecurity and show how their seemingly simple actions could negatively impact the company.

The eDMs include examples of common lapses in cybersecurity, consequences of these lapses and tips to circumvent them. This set of eDMs includes an editable template for the team to create their own eDMs. Refer to the Resource Library for information which can be used to develop these new eDMs.

Myth #1
Using unsecured Wi-Fi is OK once in a while

​Myth #2
The more devices I have for work, the better

Myth #3
My junk/spam filters protect me from dodgy e-mails

Myth #4
With anti-virus software and firewall, I’m totally protected


Top Tip Stickers Total Tools: 5

Top Tips are bite-sized information that serves as good cybersecurity reminders for employees to adopt. The tips have been specifically contextualised to be displayed at five common areas in the workplace that employees frequent daily. The five locations are the water fountain/pantry, toilet, entrance/exit, desk/computer and phone.

The Top Tips spotlight some of the most common cybersecurity mistakes that employees make and offers preventive tips in a fun, quirky and engaging manner.

Print copies of the Top Tips and display at the corresponding locations a week after the announcement buy-in eDM is sent out to coincide with the dissemination of the first weekly eDM.

Top Tip #1

Top Tip #2

Top Tip #3
Water Fountain/Pantry

Top Tip #4

Top Tip #5


Digital Banners Total Tools: 2

These are digital advertisements that you can place on your company's communication channels and link to the Go Safe Online Facebook Page. You can also use the banners to link to an internal communication channel, where your company's cybersecurity policies and employee education tools, and a link to our Facebook Page, can be housed.