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If there is anything that Covid-19 has taught us, it is that business as usual (BAU) is no longer usual. The whole globalised supply chain which took years, if not decades, to optimize came apart at the seams when travel was disrupted. The Suez Canal incident showed us just how vulnerable our supply chain is to further disruptions. Freight rates have shot through the roof such that suppliers are willing to forego their contracts than to make a loss fulfilling them. Yet, within all these, there are pockets of opportunity. Long-term spending by MNCs and large local companies have shifted to local sourcing. The purchasing decision has also been devolved so that they focus on critical spends. This means that large companies are looking to fulfill their spends through local B2B suppliers. And they are looking towards the platforms to meet their needs. So, if you are not on the platforms that they are, or if you are not even on any platform, then you will lose out on this opportunity. Yet this does not simply mean that you set up your online shop and the buyers will come in. You need to have the wherewithal to fulfill that order. To have the credibility and trust from these buyers. And if you are not there yet, then you need to learn how to supercharge your business through proper B2B eCommerce.

If you currently do not have an B2B eCommerce strategy or you want to find out how to get there, join us in this complimentary webinar to understand how tap on the government funded PCP for Internationalisation Professionals to SUPERCHARGE your business through B2B eCommerce.


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Supercharging Your Business Through B2B Ecommerce

Presented by: Presented by: Mr Ian Dyason, CEO & Founder, Growth Consulting Asia and former Supply Chain and Logistics Academy CEO

3.45 pm

Professional Conversion Programme-Internationalisation Professionals

Presented by: Singapore Business Federation

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Who should attend?

Stockists, brand owners, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who have relied on traditional business model and who intend to participate in in-country and cross-border corporate buys - both critical and non critical spends

Speaker Profile

Ian Dyason is the Founder of Growth Consulting Asia, and former Chief Executive Officer of the Supply Chain and Logistics Academy (SCALA) in Singapore which runs the Professional Conversion Programme for the Logistics and Supply Chain sectors. Ian has been a trainer and consultant for many organisations for the past 18 years, as well as a professional business leader for more than 5 years. He has facilitated strategic planning sessions for Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies for more than 10 years.

Ian is the Master Trainer for the Clarity State Decision Making methodology in Asia, a programme developed at MIT-Sloan Business School which helps decision makers look at the strategic nature of decisions and help them make the right decision every time. Ian also teaches Prof Jeanne Liedtka’s programs on strategic thinking and design thinking in Asia. Ian is the developer of the Strategic Decision Making framework that has been applied successfully in companies like Singapore Airlines, UBS, Bank of Tokyo, Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), United Overseas Bank Group and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).