3 Mod_Developing Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

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With tougher net zero targets now front and centre in the minds of government and industry leaders, large corporates may start to move faster on working with SMEs that are compliant with sustainability standards within their supply chains. More than half of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore believe in the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in their businesses. Top motivations for adopting sustainable practices were to improve the company's reputation; to make it easier to work with multinational corporations which care about sustainability goal; and to help build an environmentally- and socially responsible Singapore. Budget 2022 has announced several initiatives to encourage SMEs to embrace sustainability as their core operating model. However, many SMEs are overwhelmed by so much ESG information from various sources and are unsure where and how they should start their sustainability journey. To address this challenge, join us in this 5-module virtual learning.