Established by the Singapore Business Federation, the SBF Business Institute (SBI) aims to help SBF members and the wider business community build capabilities and achieve inclusive and quality-driven growth as Singapore restructures. SBI will leverage professional practitioners, certified trainers and successful Business Mentors to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the workforce. For more information about SBF Business Institute, please click here.

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Intl Business Social Media Strategies & Market Research Info24/04/2019SB190198
Understanding Financial Statements (Dynamic E-Learning)24/04/2019SB190238
Understanding the Digital Marketing (Dynamic E-Learning)24/04/2019SB190244
Effective Warehouse & Inventory Management25/04/2019SB190178
Business Continuity Management Champions / Managers29/04/2019SB190020
Effective Uses of Letter of Credit Practices & Int' Trade29/04/2019SB190126
[New!] Ways Businesses Can Protect Copyrights & IP Rights30/04/2019SB190202
Strategic Decision-Making in the Intl Market (E-Learning)01/05/2019SB190221
Digitalisation Boot Camp S2: Digitalise Your Business & Work02/05/2019SB190275
Intro to Business Culture, Protocols & Comm Working with SEA03/05/2019SB190323
Leading Culturally Diverse Teams03/05/2019SB190343
[Internal Control Series] Importance of Internal Controls06/05/2019SB190019
Managing Procurement Fraud and Corruption Risks07/05/2019SB190017
Intro to Business Practices in the ASEAN Economic Community07/05/2019SB190072
Understanding Business Law for Non-Legal Professionals07/05/2019SB190278
Crisis Management & Communication07/05/2019SB190301
Leverage Emotional Intelligence (Dynamic E-Learning)08/05/2019SB190231
Understanding Financial Statements (Dynamic E-Learning)08/05/2019SB190239
Understanding the Digital Marketing (Dynamic E-Learning)08/05/2019SB190245
Digitalisation Boot Camp S1: Fundamentals of AI & Blockchain09/05/2019SB190274