Business Mission to Malaysia (Sabah)

Background of Sabah Development Corridor (SDC)
Launched in 2008, SDC covers the whole state of Sabah and its holistic development approach is in line with the Sabah Government development agenda known as the Halatuju with the aim to ensure economic progress benefits everyone in the state. SDC goal is to turn Sabah into a leading economic region and preferred destination for investment, work and living. Key strengths of SDC are its strategic location, abundant natural resources, rich cultural heritage and access to mega biodiversity resources.

Drivers of growth in SDC

• Tourism
The strategy under the tourism development is to target high-yield and long stay visitors. The aim is to make Sabah one of the most liveable places in the world. The SDC also plans to enhance Sabah‘s position as a premier eco-adventure destination as well as a high-end, lifestyle destination with luxury holiday villas and signature resorts. One of the targets is to encourage investors to anchor new signature tourism products and activities in Sabah, such as wellness centres, sailing activities and regatta.

• Logistics
Under logistics, the main focus will be on lowering the cost of doing business in Sabah. The strategies include reviewing the cabotage policy for shipping, providing incentives to potential investors to set up manufacturing facilities in the proposed Sepangar Free Zone (SFZ), domestic hubbing at Sapangar Bay Container Port, and positioning Sandakan as a key regional trading hub in Borneo.

• Agriculture
Under the SDC, the agriculture programme will focus on increasing overall food self-sufficiency, planting high-value crops for export and downstream processing, and assisting in poverty eradication. The programme will be designed to encourage rural communities’ participation at various levels in the agro-industry supply chain, such as in production, collection, processing, packaging, storage and distribution activities. The programme will include the promotion of science-industry linkages through optimum utilisation of science and technology, especially ICT and biotechnology.

• Manufacturing
The initial focus for the manufacturing sector under the SDC is to enhance enablers such as infrastructure and human capital. The target is to encourage foreign investment to anchor and accelerate the growth of downstream manufacturing activities in Sabah. Through this strategy, it is envisaged that Sabah will emerge as one of the leading locations of choice for resources-based manufacturing activities in Asia.


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8/19/2019 - 8/22/2019


Monday, 19 August 2019


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