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Trade finance is a form of financing trade for domestic and international trade transactions. Various parties, such as sellers and buyers, and intermediaries such as freight forwarders, banks, insurance companies, warehouse operators and other trade service providers can facilitate these transactions by providing related services to or financing the trade.

Other than letters of credit services provided by banks, the banks also provide documentary collection services as well invoice/warehouse financing. As these services are provided by banks and most of the trade between sellers and buyers are cross border trade, they may be subject to various different legal systems. However, ICC Banking Commission has published the modal Rules for these transactions handled by banks, they are UCP600, URDG758, ISP98, URC522 and  more .


Traders using the bank’s services must also be familiar with the modal Rules of ICC. This course is designed for those who like to know more about the Rules and the laws related to trade finance in the region, especially South East Asia. Should there be any dispute, this course will guide the traders how to resolve the dispute by referring to the relevant authorities for solution.


  1. UN Convention on Independent Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit

    • The Difference between SBLC and Banker Guarantee


  2. The Rules – URC522, UCP600 (including eUCP), URR725, ISP98 and URDG758

    • Documentary Collection
    • * CASE STUDY
    • Documentary Letter of Credit
    • * Principle of autonomy
    • * The Rules - UCP600
    • Standby Letter of Credit
    • * The Rules - UCP600, ISP98
    • * CASE STUDY
    • Banker Guarantee
    • * The Rules - ISP98 & URDG758
    • * CASE STUDY


  3. Dispute Solutions
         * DOCDEX
         * Arbitration
         * Court

Target Audience:
Corporates and traders doing import and export 


Dr. Soh Chee Seng is a member of the UCP600 Drafting Group commissioned by the ICC Banking Commission to revise UCP500 and member of the task force on international standard banking practice for documentary credits. Dr. Soh is also a member of the Panel of Experts, International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Rules for Documentary Credit Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX). He has more than 25 years experience in trade finance operations with local and foreign banks in Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Soh has been invited by a number of ICC National Committees, including ICC Austria, ICC China, ICC Indonesia, ICC Malaysia, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance and numerous financial institutions and bankers associations in the region to conduct a series of workshops and seminars on International Trade Finance, Frauds and risks in Trade Finance, Trade Based Financial Crime including Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorists Financing, International Standard Banking Practice, Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits, International Standby Practice, Independent Guarantees and International Commercial Terms. He has also been invited by the Supreme People’s Court of China, Shanghai High People’s Court and Tianjin High People’s Court to conduct training on the independent financial instruments as well as international standard banking practice for the senior judges in China. He has also been invited as an expert witness to give his opinions on numerous LC lawsuits in major cities of China including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

*Programme is accurate at the time of print

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