*RISE* Leveraging on AI & Machine Learning (CANCELLED)

This is a ½ day virtual learning programme. Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a web link and access details on the day of the workshop.


In our data-driven world today, it is factually right to term data as the new currency and how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) play an enormous role in our businesses. However, despite these, there are still many misconceptions that surrounds AI which have led to the waste of many precious resources.

Through appropriate use of AI and Machine Learning, you will get to learn the use of business analytics for more effective marketing programmes, better resource allocation and customer services. This will also allow discovery of cross selling opportunities, drawing of intelligent conclusions through data mining and generating business-specific insights to formulate strategies for more effective results.

Course Outline

  • Introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Mining - debunk myths and clear doubts
  • Differences between Narrow AI and General AI
  • Learn practical data strategies and what/how businesses can do with Artificial Neural Network, Deep Neural Network, Clustering and Segmentation to increase revenue and Life Time Value (LTV)
  • Leveraging on appropriate AI, Machine Learning and Data Mining technologies to discover actionable insights and increase opportunities for cross selling, hit rates for target marketing
  • Practical hands-on session to play with sample data, identify profiles of target audience, spot trends to get better returns on investment
  • Discuss practical AI applications for various industries and its impact on their businesses


Participants will gain useful knowledge on how businesses can leverage on the use of data and AI to provide valuable information, strengthen their business capabilities to gain business edge. They will learn how to garner advantage through the different kinds of intelligence in order to improve their business performance. They will be able to make good sense of data to help them progress in their organisation's digital transformation journey.

Who Should Attend

Business leaders/owners, Data Analysts, Marketers who seek to understand the disruption of new-fangled technology and the interconnection between processing data and what goes behind AI and Machine Learning in order to solve problems and deliver meaningful outcomes for their organisation.

Trainer Profile