*RISE* Digital Marketing For International Market Access

This is a 1 day virtual learning programme. Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a web link and access details of the workshop.


Today, technological disruption is unavoidable and unstoppable. We must realise that the digitally evolving world has changed the way customers buy things which in turn changed the way businesses and their marketers sell to them.

In this 1-day workshop, participants will be introduced and highlighted on the essential overview of digital marketing and to discover on how they can leverage online marketing to gain access to international markets efficiently and cost effectively.

Course Outline

1. Comprehensive overview of Digital Marketing today

  • Strategy
  • Channels
  • Tactics 
  • Plan
  • Analytics

2. Digital Marketing Tools To Research The Feasibility and Viability of International Markets 

  • Google Predictive Search
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner

3. Developing An Effective Digital Marketing Plan for your organisation based on 

  • Strategy
  • Framework
  • Implementation

4. Ways To Start Digital Marketing For Internationalism  

  • Building an in-house team
  • Hiring consultants
  • Working with agency

5. Funding Opportunities for Accessing Overseas Markets  

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