*RISE* Effective Foreign Currency Management

This is a day virtual learning programme. Upon successful registration and payment, registrants will be sent a web link and access details of the workshop.


Whether it is domestic firm or multinational corporation, managing foreign currency is crucial. The appreciation and depreciation of foreign currency affects the firm’s profitability and liquidity. Therefore, an appreciation of how international trade, business, economic and political developments could impact the exchange rate movement is critical in business strategic planning and control. Therefore, managers and executives in all functions should understand how to interpret the exchange rate, understand how the exchange market works and introduce effective tools and techniques in managing foreign currencies. The trainer uses practical exercises to demonstrate the interpretation of foreign exchange rate and determine the extent of currency appreciation and depreciation. Methods and techniques of managing foreign currency correctly will be thoroughly discussed.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of Foreign Exchange
    - Why do firms go international
    - Types of overseas operations
    - Differences between domestic and multinational financial management
    - Current development impacting foreign currencies
  • Currency Risk Management
    - Financial strategies to guard against foreign currency depreciation
    - Impact of changes in foreign exchange rates
    - How to read and forecast foreign exchange rates

  • Interpreting Foreign Exchange Rates 
    - Spot rate
    - Forward exchange rate
    - Direct quote vs Indirect quote
    - Differentiation between foreign currency appreciation and depreciation
    - Bid and ask quotation
  • Arbitrage and Hedging
    - Currency arbitrage
    - Hedging strategies

Note: Participants are expected to perform calculations using their calculators during this workshop

Who Would Benefit

Managers and executives who are new to how foreign exchange works but need