Empathy Series - Appreciating the Strengths in All of Us

SBF Foundation Empathy Series 2022
Taking place last Friday of every month in 2022.  
You will learn about disabilities, the strengths of people in need or what it takes to create kindness culture in the workplace and others. 


Appreciating Strengths in All of Us
Many have overcome serious challenges that life has thrown at them. These people often express gratitude and even pride for their ability in doing so. They would resonate with Friedrich Nietzsche’s opinion that, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”  This narrative that the strong will overcome has unwittingly reinforced its flip side that the weak will continue to be fraught with problems.  Hence, the rallying calls for a more compassion and fair society often appeal to the “haves” to give to the “have-nots” or basically for the strong to help the weak.

In this light, strength and weaknesses are understood to lie in the individual and when one is continually fraught with problems, one is seen to be dependent and not self-reliant.  Hence, social services case-manage these individuals, link them to resources and provide counselling to get them back on their feet.  

However, despite best intentions and efforts of professionals and volunteers alike, positive outcomes are far and between.  It appears that those who utilize social services are too weak to help themselves or to overcome their challenges. Is this really true?
This session will be an interactive experience in appreciating the strengths within people and the weakness in our narratives and systems that deny them.

Speaker's Profile

Mr Gerald Ee
Gerard Ee spearheads Beyond Social Services, which rallies different segments of our society to look at our social challenges, especially those in Singapore’s public rental housing estates. Beyond Social Services facilitates community-building in low-income neighborhoods, creating a nurturing environment for children and youth to grow into confident, caring people who can pursue their aspirations and give to their community. After 37 years of service as a youth worker, family therapist and community-builder, he   firmly believes that social work is not simply about problem-solving but is a peace-building process that engages people to be a little kinder, fairer and more cooperative.

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11/25/2022 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
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