Established by the Singapore Business Federation, the SBF Business Institute (SBI) aims to help SBF members and the wider business community build capabilities and achieve inclusive and quality-driven growth as Singapore restructures. SBI will leverage professional practitioners, certified trainers and successful Business Mentors to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the workforce. For more information about SBF Business Institute, please click here.

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- *RISE* denotes qualified activities under the SBF RISE Programme.
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*RISE* Virtual: Apply Skills Framework For HR10/05/2021SB210076
*RISE* Virtual: Discover Skills Framework For HR10/05/2021SB210077
*RISE* Virtual: Leadership Skills In Times Of Crisis11/05/2021SB210080
*RISE* Virtual: Discover The Importance of Leadership Skills11/05/2021SB210081
*RISE* Virtual: Discover WeChat Official Account Strategy14/05/2021SB210074
*RISE* Intl Biz Social Media Strategies & Market Research14/05/2021SB210311
*RISE* Virtual: Apply Career Competencies17/05/2021SB210078
CSR in Action: Biz Impact Training17/05/2021SB210054
*RISE* Eyeing Asia : Investment Law In Vietnam17/05/2021SB210309
*RISE* Virtual: Established WeChat Official Account18/05/2021SB210075
*RISE*INTO ASEAN Series:Prepare to Accelerate into Indonesia18/05/2021SB210281
*RISE* Virtual Learning: Understanding Incoterms 202018/05/2021SB210293
*RISE* Finance Essentials Investing & Financing Fundamentals18/05/2021SB210312
*RISE* Virtual: Integrate Leadership Skills In Times Of Cris19/05/2021SB210082
*RISE* Letters of Credit: An In-depth Understanding19/05/2021SB210215
*RISE* International Business Growth Series: FMCG Business19/05/2021SB210265
*RISE* Virtual Learning: Trade and Supply Chain Finance19/05/2021SB210367
*RISE* Vetting/Drafting Sale Purchase & Service Level Agreem20/05/2021SB210313
*RISE* Mergers & Acquisitions in Singapore & the ASEAN20/05/2021SB210364
*RISE* Overview of Employment Law in Singapore21/05/2021SB210314