ASEAN Conference 2017 - The Next Economic Force

With solid fundamentals, promising trade and investment flows, ASEAN is set to become the next centre of economic growth. It is also envisaged that ASEAN will become one of the five largest economies of the world within the next 50 years. With this, it is important to connect with global business leaders and understand how to navigate the region, in order
to develop strategies to leverage rising business opportunities. 

The ASEAN Conference 2017: The Next Economic Force, brings together key ASEAN government officials, prominent business leaders from some of the world's top multinational brands and high growth companies to share their insight and strategies for the region. Find out first-hand how ASEAN's diversity can present new opportunities for your own business growth.

5/4/2017 8:00 AM - 5/4/2017 4:00 PM

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