Improve your Thinking and Influencing Skills through Sensory

Improve your Thinking and Influencing Skills through Sensory Intelligence

 Fri, 24 Nov 2017  
Time:  9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Venue: 160 Robinson Road #06-01 SBF Center Singapore 168914 
Fee per pax (incl GST)$ 420 (SBF Member)      $530 (Non-Member) 
REF: SB170572


Life is sensory experience. During every moment of our lives we experience the world through our varied sensory systems. Sensory experiences drive our behavior and contribute to the organisation of our thoughts and emotions- By Corem, Porac and Ward (1984).


Our sensory systems act as the link between the inner world (self) and the outer world, and how we use them affect the way we learn, think, feel, behave and perform. We have now discovered that, by harnessing and enhancing this ability- sensory intelligence, we could enhance the way we learn, think and influence others. Some authors are extolling that Sensory Intelligence is more important than emotional intelligence for success in life.


In this new, interactive, thought-provoking workshop, you will delve into the world of senses (more than 5!) and understand their power in various aspects of our life, in particular learning, persuasion and creativity. You will also learn how to develop this power to reach your fullest potential in leadership and performance.



  1. Learn about our senses and how they affect our thought and motivation
  2. Understand how senses shape our perception and drive behavior
  3. Influence others through sensorial acuity and sensory-based language
  4. Improve creativity through the use of sensory engagement
  5. Cultivate sensory intelligence in their lives

Workshop Outline

  • Making Senses of Senses

    • The link between the Inner and Outer World

    • Sensory Intelligence – The most potent and under-leveraged power

    • Beyond 5 Senses

  • Working with Senses

    • Perception, Learning and Behaviour

    • Influence

    • Creativity

    • Sensorial Management

  • Cultivating Sensory Intelligence

    • Mindfulness

    • Sensory-based tools

    • Technology


Target Audience

The workshop is designed for those who want to supercharge their thinking and influencing skills with Sensory Intelligence for success, but is especially useful for managers, supervisors, sales professionals, business development executives, office and admin professionals.

*Programme and workshop outline are correct at time of print

Administrative Details:

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NOTE:  As a precautionary measure, our advice is for members who are unwell not to attend the session.

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NOTE:  As a precautionary measure, our advice is for members who are unwell not to attend the session.



11/24/2017 9:00 AM - 11/24/2017 5:00 PM

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